Salient Management Company makes decision support software that helps business managers and executives optimize results through continuous feedback on value added by their decisions.

Our Vision

Our Vision

is based on the idea that high performance is directly related to timely and precise information in the hands of decision makers nearest to the point of value creation.

How We Deliver

A Model of Your World

Salient’s technology accounts for the relationships between every person, place, thing, transaction and event down to the most granular level. The result is a perfect replica of your world and the complete history of every occurrence up to the moment it happens – all at your management’s fingertips.

Salient Software

captures and stores the complete story of value creation: all the facts of causation and value added, the entities involved, prevailing conditions and capacity limits, together with tightly integrated documentary and social information.

From these facts, Salient consultants build a comprehensive model of the day to day evolution of business value.

Continuous Improvement

A Culture of Success

Salient’s visual data mining solutions couple computer power directly to human intuition, enabling users to recognize patterns and trends, isolate outliers, drill to root cause details, and finally, make the timely adjustment.

Our technology’s accessibility, speed, simplicity, flexibility and precision effectively eliminates the barriers to knowing what the best decision is – allowing you to drive a culture of continuous improvement.

Technology Overview

Improve Performance Continuously.

Salient makes it simple to expose flaws and outliers, enable timely adjustment and drive continuously better results. Our approach to continuous improvement allows decision makers to autonomously optimize efficiency in a radical way.


A Better Way to Lean

Other popular methods of lean management can be hard to implement and usually depend on expensive outside experts and statistical analysts.

Our solution doesn’t rely on inference from statistical sampling. It relies on the special knowledge of field-level operators and managers who are close to transactions with customers.

The result is a better way to lean. You can expect a fundamental change in management accountability and control.

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Ensuring Your Success

Salient’s business model is to succeed through your success. Our solutions work because over 30 years we’ve learned how to deliver specific intelligence to decision makers in time to win. We ensure your success by understanding your business strategy and its evolution, and how every role can use our software to progress continuously toward perfection.

Salient’s solutions are used today by over 115,000 managers & operators in 61 countries.

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