How does personal action produce value?

Every action adds or removes value. But which do which?

For large organizations, it’s hard to see how value is added or lost from each transaction, and harder still to know how to adjust to improve.

Without a way of knowing precise value and improving over time, companies succumb to inertia and do what they have always done.

There’s a better way to measure the value added by activity and drive this knowledge back into business processes in time to improve outcomes.

The Salient Solution

The Whole Truth

Integrate all records of activity to visualize the impact of every decision on profit and growth.

At the Speed of Thought

Leverage high performance technology to deliver actionable intelligence instantly across billions of records.

Free Form Exploration

Easily drill into any area of business performance and identify root cause.

We deliver


Clear visibility into all action within the organization — up and down.


Better handle on all processes and relationships to manage with precision.

Continuous Improvement

Better decisions with every cycle.