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To help businesses run as profitably as possible

We help everyday business managers leverage data from past events to make smarter decisions.

Continuous Improve Cycle

How do we do this?

The Whole Truth

We integrate all of the relevant facts to visualize the impact of decisions on profit and growth.

The Speed of Thought

Our high performance technology delivers actionable intelligence at blazing speeds across billions of records.

Free Form Exploration

Easily drill into any area of business performance and identify root cause.

The Results

“We can evaluate what’s making money and what’s not”

We can evaluate some of our out of stocks and evaluate what’s making us money and what’s not. It’s a good way to analytically drill down to comparing different stores with different planograms.

Tom McConnell, Chief Financial Officer, Discount Drug Mart

Up 3 cents / case - $1.25 million / year

Margin Minder® helped cut costs by nearly 3 cents per case; with 55 million cases shipping a year, that’s an annual savings of $1.25 million! Reduced the new product sales execution cycle from 6 weeks to about 2 weeks.

Derek Hill, VP of Corporate Planning, Pepsi Bottling Ventures

Adding 40-50% to bottom line

This year we are adding about 40-50% to our bottom line. I strongly believe that the work we have done with Salient is a key contributor to that growth that we can see and I’m very excited about what’s coming next.

Marcus Franke, Director of Business Transformation, CCEAG

“Salient gets retail.”

Salient gets the retail business. They understand why I’m asking the questions and what matters to me. … For us, it’s all about selling products. Margin Minder helps you make decisions, which you wouldn’t do otherwise. Once you start using it, you’ll use it more than anything else.

Richie Morgan, President of Holiday Quality Markets

Up 10-15 Cents Per Case!

I can’t think of what we don’t track with UXT®. With about 13,000 customers and 60 drivers, we now have real-time control of our profit and loss activities enterprise wide. We especially like the ability to monitor profit performance of individual sales people, and recently decided to base part of their compensation on margin delivered. This is phenomenal.

Royal Crown Bottling Corp.

Measuring Value Differently

We focus on True Value Added.

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