Automated specific, easily verified opportunities sent directly to responsible managers. While this service uses some templated sets of rules; the deliverables are easily adjusted and customized.

Typical setup steps involve:

  • We provide our 1-page form for you to fill in, which includes specific terms for each rule.
  • We then set it up for you, have you review the test output, and give us your adjustments.
  • The results are easily verifiable in our corresponding Dashboard for each automated report.

Starting with Our Top Five Automated Insights:

  1. Voids in Chains on Core Products
    You will receive via email the list of which stores in a chain or customer group are not carrying an expected product and that can be provided by the Sales Rep with any specifics required in a formatted Excel doc. The results are then easily verifiable in Dashboard for each automated report we set up for you and link. We recommend at least one for each chain account manager. Pick any group of products and/or base it on an authorized product list.

  2. Lost Placements
    Salient has an analysis that easily identifies what products each customer had been purchasing that they did not re-purchase comparing any two timeframes. That Exception test can be used to generate a list by Sales Rep, Chain, or other level and produce an Excel sheet organizing their names, addresses, and any specifics you’d like.

  3. New Product Execution
    There are many use-cases for dynamic insights in Consumer Goods companies. Please share your challenge and let us provide automated answers that you can directly act on.

  4. Potential Pricing Errors
    Do you have situations where sometimes a customer is still getting the ‘old price’ on products weeks after a price change?  We can provide this report by using outlier rules or by getting a trusted source of the price list that is correct. Do you have flexible discounting terms but sometimes end up below a Margin % threshold?

  5. Over or Under-Serviced Accounts
    Does your data show some accounts aren’t serviced frequently enough or have too many small stops? When you change service frequency, are you able to see when that has had a very good or very bad impact on your sales?

Business Rules & Conditions

The background business rules we set up for you can be sophisticated with nested ‘if-then’ conditions, or very simple like:

  • Unscheduled Deliveries
  • Excessive Returns
  • Underperforming Products or Customers.. (e.g. Accounts that are more than 3% down in Margin)


Our price for this kind of service starts at just $450/month and setup starts at a $950 one-time fee.