Supermarket & Convenience

Salient’s analytic solution gives today’s omnichannel retailer the ease of use and quality insights to make faster and more productive data-driven decisions across every area of the organization.

Both our preset interactive retail templates and our ad-hoc data exploration capability gives retailers actionable insights into critical data points including product & category trends, operational effectiveness, inventory & supply chain performance, and consumer buying patterns. Salient helps retailers identify the key factors which most affect overall profitability.

Salient Works With Major Supermarket & Convenience Stores Like:

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“We researched multiple options and found that there is no other solution that understands the grocery business like Salient. Not only does the solution provide information needed to make better decisions, the Salient team understands the questions we are asking and why getting answers to those questions matters to our business In addition to understanding our business, they possess a robust platform, capable of delivering timely, granular-level information on an impressively large scale.”

Thank you!

Andrea Chase

Vice President – Category Management
Fareway Stores, Inc.

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