Foodservice & Restaurant

Salient’s analytic solution gives today’s foodservice operators the ease of use and quality insights to make faster and more productive data-driven decisions. Our ad-hoc data exploration capability provides actionable insights into critical data points including item trends, operational effectiveness, inventory performance, consumer buying patterns, satisfaction, and other key factors affecting profitability.

While as a company we are the main analytical solution provider in areas like beverage distribution, we are essentially in the startup phase for the Foodservice & Restaurant segment, investing in our team and looking for clients who want to innovate and find creative new ways to leverage their data.

Speed and Flexibility

  • Better measure store profitability, price effectiveness, labor, as well as operations including inventory, ordering and vendor performance
  • A Salient Business Analyst creates your tailored portal of carefully curated insights and interactive mobile reports
  • Our dashboard building platform, Salient Dashboard MinerTM, provides a self-service, drag and drop easy, experience for your business users to create their own reports.
  • Dashboards are accessed securely via mobile & web

How Our Solution Works