Salient Software Suite

Our high-performance, industry-proven software suite creates business intelligence. Connect to all your data in an instant, pulling many disparate systems into one source of the truth. Our business intelligence and analytics platform allows you to perform complex analyses and data visualizations wherever you are.


Salient UXT is our In-Memory High Speed Query Server. It scales easily to billions of records on commodity servers and integrates data from multiple sources via our ETL tool. Salient UXT is the engine that powers our analytical suite, and couples with our dashboard visualization user interfaces (Salient Dashboards and Salient Mobile).


Salient Dashboards deliver a fully flexible, web-based dashboarding platform that gives users the ability to freely investigate and explore on their own. And with Salient’s pre-built best practice dashboard templates, your users can have direct guidance in identifying the best focus areas to drive outcomes more effectively.


Salient Mobile brings the analytical power of Salient Dashboards directly to iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets. Developed purely for business user enablement, Salient Mobile supports nearly every interactive feature leveraged by end users in our web-based Salient Dashboards. View, sort, re-group, filter and drill down with a touch of your finger.