Salient Software Suite

Salient’s unique intelligence platform has evolved around the three most important aspects of business user adoption and success: speed, flexibility, and specificity. Our database technology maintains sub-second query performance at massive scale, which allows granular detail to be preserved in the end-user experience. Our front-end tools take advantage of these unique characteristics to offer unparalleled power, flexibility, and interactivity to non-technical business users. Salient is highly focused on progressing our technological advantages, and continues to develop and release new generations of our platform.

We’ve developed three main components to deliver our solutions:

Database Server

Universal eXchange Technology (UXT®)

UXT is our In-Memory High-Speed Query server technology. It scales easily to billions of records on commodity hardware and integrates data from multiple sources via our ETL tool. Through years of experience, Salient engineers have fine-tuned highly efficient compression algorithms, indexing schemes, and parallelization techniques to achieve an unparalleled level of performance.

Web-Based Analytics

Salient Dashboard MinerTM

Flexible, web-based front-end that gives users the ability to freely investigate and explore on their own. Complemented with pre-built best practice industry templates, users can have direct guidance to identify opportunities for improvement. Content creators can create or modify existing dashboards using our no-code drag and drop interface to quickly deliver new views and insights. Each license to Salient Dashboards includes both web and mobile access.


Salient Mobile

Salient Mobile brings our data discovery and investigative feature-set to native apps for iOS and Android devices. Developed purely for business user enablement, Salient Mobile supports nearly every interactive feature leveraged by end-users in our web-based Salient Dashboard Miner. Drill down, re-group, filter, and pick another time frame or metric ad hoc.