Snack, Bakery, & Other Distributors

Originally known as “Margin Minder,” Salient helps distributors measure and improve customer profitability. Salient supports a unique data-discovery process that makes it easy to drill into gains & losses and identify actionable insights to improve sales and distribution. We pull data from your preferred route accounting system and other internal tools to provide an easy front-end for managers to help improve the business by leveraging your data.

Salient’s industry templates provide a custom starting point for business users.

  • Easily Drill Into Gains & Losses in any Area of the Business
  • Identify Voids in Chain Product Sales
  • Track % Distribution for any Brand or Item
  • Fact-Based Chain Account Negotiation
  • Allocate Trade Spend and Supplier Rebates to Customer Level
  • Easily Use Data for Business Reviews Internally or Externally
  • Identify ‘Lost Sales’ and New Product  Placement Opportunities

Salient Works With Major Distributors Like:

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How Our Solution Works