Salient UXT®

A Proven In-Memory Analytical Processing Platform

  • Scales to billions of records on Windows commodity servers.
  • No pre-summarization or pre-aggregation needed.
  • Integrates via our Salient ETL tool.

High Speed Performance at Scale. Full Data Granularity.

Salient Universal eXchange Technology (UXT®) is a highly scalable, in-memory, multi-dimensional analytical data platform that defeats traditional limitations of speed, granularity, simplicity, and flexibility. With Salient UXT®, we’ve removed the need for data summarization in order to scale. There are no compromises on granularity. With Salient UXT®, we maintain full visibility into any area of the business, down to the individual transactions driving its performance.

Combined with our analytics UI, Salient Dashboard Miner™, we deliver an enterprise performance solution that is used by executives, analysts and business users to perform both simple and complex analyses – many times faster than previously possible.

Because companies collect and store more and more granular data from a widening number of business operations, databases have grown into huge information silos containing millions, even billions, of data records from business operations and other sources. The compounding effect of database size and number, together with spreading user demand for interactive transactional and managerial decision support, have created a need for analytical systems to integrate information from many processes and scale to very large data volumes without sacrificing ease of use, query performance, or uptime.

The Salient UXT® system represents a new approach to the problem of high-volume information distribution, taking maximum advantage of ever increasing modern computing power, and using a variety of techniques to achieve new levels of scalability and performance, without sacrificing the informational value contained in the fine grain of everyday business data.

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