Why Partner with Salient?

Salient partner programs deliver tools, resources, and the expertise your company needs to implement best-of-breed performance management solutions. Partner with Salient to create new opportunities and promote your business services and solutions to new clients.

The Salient solution allows for user-driven investigation, discovery, and communication across the entire organization and beyond. This system represents a major shift in emphasis from individual analysis to a truly collaborative environment, giving everyone the information they need at their fingertips at all times.

The intelligence is shareable and usable everywhere. Any question can be answered anywhere and in seconds.

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Salient focuses on helping clients measure and improve performance by utilizing facts that naturally result from existing day-to-day processes. We work together with our partners to provide complete enterprise-wide solutions for improving our clients’ performance management.

Referral Partners

In your typical engagements with clients do you see a need to help them better leverage their business information? Salient welcomes and rewards introductions.