Category Analysis Services

The Professional Services Team at Salient can extend your in-house reporting and analysis capabilities through various services:

  • Exception Analysis and Scheduled Reports
  • Customized Reports on Voids, New Product Execution, Distribution Opportunities, and More.
  • Segmentation / Customer and Product Classification Data Cleansing.
  • Master Data Management Tool & Training or MDM Services

Where are the best areas to gain Distribution, especially on New Products?

Salient can provide an unbiased perspective on product movement, sales execution, and pricing effectiveness (scenarios like an excessive discount or excessive trade spend). We have a lot of expertise in identifying outliers and monitoring issues from a fact-based data perspective. We can assist in regular reporting structured tasks as well as take on creative problem-solving work using very experienced resources.

The Salient Team has become an active member and is training staff on the curriculum of the Category Management Association

Where are there voids in major chains that need attention?

We can use logic and refine rules over time for your team to accurately provide you with:

  • Stock-outs / Voids on the Shelf
  • Cross-sell or Upsell Opportunities Based on Lookups of Authorized Items
  • Removal of Discontinued Items to Limit ‘False Positives’
  • Logic to Include ‘New Products’ and Segment Rules on Channels, Chains and Regions

You decide what format you want to consume the results in a dashboard, an Excel sheet, a weekly report divided by chain and region, etc.

Exception Reports, Scheduled Emails & Notifications

Are there specific sales, returns, and operations reports that you need each week? Salient has the ability to program the reports and workflows so they are automatically run and sent to you each week, allowing your team to focus on performance improvement rather than assembling data.

Share your business rules, logic, and weekly tasks with us and we can help find opportunities for automation. We can do alerts on phones, formatted tables in email, PDF attachments, and push a list to a system in a pre-specified format. Just let us know your scenario.