Beverage Suppliers

Salient works with clients like Keurig Dr. Pepper and Pabst Brewing to deliver detailed store-level sales intelligence to sales leadership, marketing, and other team members. Our team provides pre-packaged analysis leveraging years of industry experience to jump-start time to value. These include common exception reporting for lost placements, same-store sales, distribution, and more.

Salient’s Industry Templates Provide a
Custom Starting Point for Business Users

Here are some example use cases:

    • Identify Promotion Effectiveness

    • Drill Into Gains & Losses in any Area of the Business

    • Precisely Measure Customer Profitability

    • Spot Voids and Selling Opportunities

    • Optimize Product Assortment / Track Planogram Compliance

    • Collaborate in Online Portals with Distributors

    • Consolidate Reporting on Supply, Demand, Trade Spend, and Forecast

Beverage Suppliers We Work With Include:

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How Our Solution Works