Salient Mobile

The mobile version of our business intelligence software is available for Google, Apple®, and Window® devices.

All your data. All the time. At the touch of your finger.

The mobile app was a game changer for us. Our key account people rarely stay in the office, and so now through their tablets and smart phones they’re able to see what’s going on and then figure out how to sell something from the data.

Ed Foree, Sales Standards and Process Manager, Coca-Cola UNITED

Highly Interactive

All of the power of Salient’s Dashboards in your hands. Select, swipe and filter your data with a tap of your fingers. Get answers to your most pertinent questions while in the field.

Customize and Visualize

View high level, intuitive graphs directly on your phone or tablet. Fully optimize your experience with customize-able layouts and backgrounds. Create an experience that is truly personal!

Our Clients

Coke Germany Adds 40-50% to Bottom Line with Salient’s Solution

Coke Germany drives growth with Salient’s enterprise business intelligence

With Salient’s revenue management software, Coke Germany was able to add 40-50% to their bottom line.

Coca-Cola UNITED Scales with Salient’s Software

Coca-Cola UNITED Benefits from Salient’s flexible analytics platform

Watch Coca-Cola UNITED’s executives talk about how Salient’s software impacts their day to day.

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