Salient Mobile

Salient Mobile brings the analytical power of Salient Dashboards directly to iOS, Android, and Windows tablets and phones.

Enable Your Teams

Developed purely for business user enablement, Salient Mobile gives your teams the full freedom to explore root causes directly from their mobile devices. Each of our pre-built industry templates can be securely accessed via web browser or Salient Mobile; they include the same highly interactive, drillable charts and tables that allow business users to:

  • Expand, drill and change groupings
  • Re-sort on any metric
  • Insert Deltas, Mixes, Averages
  • Add filters to a single widget or whole dashboard
  • Apply criteria or member-based filters
  • Compare performance measures on any date points
  • View dimension member details
  • Add measures and dimensions
  • Fully adjust date timeframes

See How Coca-Cola United’s Sales Team Leverages Salient Mobile in the Field

Location Services in Salient Mobile Enables You to Filter on Customers Nearby

Instantly See Your Nearby Customers

Turning on Location Services in Salient Mobile allows you to automatically filter on Dimension Members containing geolocation data that are closest to you. Typically, these are Customer or Retail Store locations.

Once logged into Salient Mobile, a Map icon will appear at the top right of the screen. Tapping on this will enter the Location Services setup.

Exactly Locate Opportunities

With customer geolocation data, our geo analysis in Salient Mobile makes it easy to identify exactly where sales gains and losses are occurring, and to spot opportunities among neighboring customers more quickly.

Explore Even Further

Explorer Mode provides an entirely free-form exploration of the data, allowing users to insert any available dimensions and measures, and even switch analysis types.

Any analysis widget can be selected on and explored further in any direction and timeframe.

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