Technical Support


Salient offers reliable, scalable service along with easy to budget cost transparency for projects of all sizes and scope – from small, straightforward tasks to long-term service partnerships.

Administrative Services Include:

  • Proactive monitoring of server environment
  • Diagnostic analysis of server performance
  • Client software downloads, licensing and server updates
  • System upgrade services

Business Benefits:

  • Monitored and system support availability
  • Upgrades, migrations, and other critical IT services to support the solution
  • Less fixed IT costs over time

View our brochure to learn more about Salient’s administrative services.


Salient’s Hosting Services provide clients with the highest level of reliability and peace of mind. We offer hosting capabilities in a secure, state-of-the-art facility, with qualified professionals providing proactive monitoring of your Salient system’s hosted infrastructure. Your company will benefit from a reduced investment in infrastructure as well as from the continuous attention to server availability, software updates and administration. Salient hosting services include Infrastructure Hosting and Remote Monitoring.

About the Facility:

Your Salient servers are hosted at a high-security, military-grade facility, operated by Salient partner Finger Lakes Technologies Group. The 750-acre former U.S. Army base includes triple-fencing around the perimeter and secure access monitoring to the Data Storage Centers. View our brochure to learn more about Salient’s hosting services and facility.

About the Data Update Process

The standard ETL process is performed using Salient’s ETL application. Supported formats primarily include ODBC, Excel, and ASCII. The entire process is automated and scheduled to run on a routine basis convenient to the client. There are multiple ETL configurations that can be deployed in a Salient-hosted model. View our brochure to learn more.