Salient Dashboards

Our high-performance, industry-proven software suite creates business intelligence. Connect to all your data in an instant and find extra value and opportunities in seconds with our dashboards and analytics platform.


Salient Dashboard Miner

Accurate and timely data directly tailored and created for your business. Allow decision makers at any level to make confident decisions wherever they are. Salient’s dashboard software solution can be accessed from any web based device. With Salient Dashboard Miner’s superior visibility, trends and relationships are easily recognized and actionable intelligence is a click away.

Our Clients

Coca-Cola Germany Adds 50% to Bottom Line

CCEAG Benefits From Salient’s Software Suite

Learn how Coca-Cola Germany improved organizational efficiency and added 50% to their bottom line by implementing Salient’s software suite.

Bimbo Bakeries USA Managers Identify Opportunity in 10 Minutes

Bimbo Bakeries Find Growth Opportunities Quickly

Learn how Bimbo Bakeries USA managers identified up to six figures worth of savings after implementing Salient’s software solutions.

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