Physician-Hospital Organization (PHO)

Salient’s solution helps PHOs deliver actionable information to their providers, allowing them to share clinical and business information to increase quality of service while lowering overall costs.

Users have the ability to track a series of KPIs enabling them to answer many questions, including:

  • How effective are my Transition Care Management visits at reducing hospital readmission rates?
  • Are my attributed beneficiaries overusing ER services, and if so, when?
  • Am I on track to score well on quality compliance?
  • Are my patients being coded appropriately?
  • Which providers are performing quality care for our beneficiaries?

According to the American Medical Association, there are 6 principles of a successful physician-hospital relationship:

  • Physician and hospital leaders who are united
  • An interdisciplinary structure that supports collaborative decision-making
  • Clinical physician and hospital leadership present at all levels of the health system
  • A partnership built on trust
  • Open and transparent sharing of clinical and business information
  • A clinical information system infrastructure that is useful.