Reduce Costs

In order to accurately identify opportunities for improvement and deploy effective strategies, it is necessary to conduct root cause analyses and identify which TINs or NPIs are underperforming across the financial KPI. Salient ACO’s Financial Opportunities dashboard provides a detailed view of the beneficiaries and cost categories that are driving spend for the ACO, Attributed TIN’s and Attributed NPI’s. The data are organized in a way that allows your users to investigate numerous pathways and to create customized, actionable lists which will help to find ways to reduce costs.

  • Determine what is driving total cost Part A/Part B and Part D.
  • Evaluate TIN and NPI performance across all expenditure components and subcomponents.
  • Identify and rank spend by various facilities and specialties.
  • Evaluate LOS at facilities.
  • Isolate beneficiaries that require in depth analysis.