Multi-Payer Data Integration

Most organizations engage in value based contract arrangements with multiple payers resulting in numerous feeds and large complex sets of protected data.

However, without the capability to complete apples-to-apples comparisons, or the ability to manage and protect access to this data, these provider organizations are climbing up a steep hill. As your organization enters into multiple value-based contracts, wouldn’t it be nice to have a single sign-on system and a partner that takes care of everything for you?

Leverage Salient’s Multi-Payer Integration Services to:

  • Compare and manage provider performance for your Value Based Contracts with Medicare, Medicaid, or Commercial payers.
  • Look at cross-cutting metrics to ensure patients receive consistent treatment and care.
  • Manage and maintain data governance and security compliance.
  • Single Sign-On (no need to remember five passwords).
  • Streamlined processes for data analytics and initiative creation.
Salient’s multi-payer data integration incorporates multiple payer data into one solution. Make your life easier with Salient.