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Salient’s analytic solution gives today’s omnichannel retailer the ease of use and quality insights to make faster and more productive data-driven decisions across every area of the organization.

Both our preset interactive retail templates and our ad-hoc data exploration capability gives retailers actionable insights into critical data points including product & category trends, operational effectiveness, inventory & supply chain performance, and consumer buying patterns. Salient helps retailers identify the key factors which most affect overall profitability.

Provide your teams with easy access to the information they need to succeed in their roles.


Category Management

Throughout Salient’s category management dashboard templates, launch points are added, allowing users to explore a more in-depth analysis of that particular area.

The category overview template includes a listing of your company’s major product categories and can display a variety of performance indicators.

From here, users can explore deeper into business focuses on any category they choose.

  • Promotions & Price Analysis, Pricing Ranges & Outliers
  • Price Change Impact & Elasticity of Demand Tracking
  • Optimal Product Mix / Product Assortment & Cannibalization
  • Selling Space Optimization
  • Competitor Price Comparisons
  • Lost Sales & Placements
  • Potential Voids & Out of Stock Exception Reporting
  • Key Account & In-Store Reviews
  • Category Rankings & Overviews
  • Private Label Share


Price Trend Analysis

  • In all dashboard templates, time-series charts also include areas for placing notes to describe specific timeframes along with the overall trend. In this example, annotations have been added to explain percent drops in sales and profit due to ineffective pricing that occurred for the span of a few months.  Further notes are included in the accompanying summary.

Minimizing Out of Stocks

Our out-of-stock analysis template helps managers identify potential distribution, supplier, or store-level execution issues.

Users can adjust their focus to look at various aggregate levels by customer and product (such as by Channel, Market Area, Chain, Banner, Supplier, Brand, Package, or SKU) to determine the frequency and value of potential out-of-stocks, or even expose potential issues at the supplier level. 


Store & SKU Level Drilldown

  • Drill down in the Product List to visualize gains and losses by store across a gauge trellis. Double-clicking any row on the right, and re-grouping data as needed will filter the gauges, as well as the corresponding trends by store.

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