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Originally known as “Margin Minder,” Salient helps bottlers measure and improve customer profitability.  Salient supports a unique data-discovery process that makes it easy to drill into gains & losses and identify actionable insights to improve sales and distribution.  We pull data from your preferred route accounting system and other internal tools to provide an easy front-end for managers to help improve the business by leveraging your data.

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See which authorized buying customers are missing top-selling products. For quick identification of high volume/revenue growth opportunities, this analysis is comes sorted on volume/revenue in descending order. As always, it can be re-sorted and regrouped however the user prefers, such as alphabetically sorted. A similar distribution analysis we offer is a Buy vs. Non-Buy chart which drills to a target list of non-buyers.


Pricing Trend Analysis

In all dashboard templates, time-series charts also include areas for placing notes to describe specific timeframes along the overall trend.

In this example, annotations have been added to explain percent drops in sales and profit due to ineffective pricing that occurred for the span of a few months.  Further notes are included in the accompanying summary.


Tracking Mix Shifts

Easily see fluctuations in volume among product mixes and optimize stocking levels on each item to meet demands as they evolve.


Recovering Lost Placements

Exception Criteria can be defined to automate the identification of those who purchased previously but didn’t repurchase any selected items.

In this example, an exception test has been applied to isolate potential Lost Sales on active products that we can target to sell back in. Depending on the time frame you choose, the placements may be ‘at risk’ but not listed.

These are ‘opportunity ranked’ descending on at-risk dollars.

Salient’s industry templates provide a custom starting
point for business users.

  • Easily Drill Into Gains & Losses in any Area of the Business
  • Identify Voids in Chain Product Sales
  • Track % Distribution for any Brand or Item
  • Fact-Based Chain Account Negotiation
  • Allocate Trade Spend and Supplier Rebates to Customer Level
  • Easily Use Data for Business Reviews Internally or Externally
  • Identify ‘Lost Sales’ and New Product  Placement Opportunities

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