Drive Better Results

Salient provides the world’s most advanced performance accounting and decision support software for large and complex enterprises.

That’s because we account more precisely, and deliver this information faster, to the decision maker at the point of value creation.

What you can do with Salient.

Build a Time-Driven Model of Value Creation

Know how much value every action creates from the details of daily transactions, allocations, capacity constraints, prevailing conditions and related content including notes, pictures, and video.

Account for Productivity at the Atomic Level

Gain enterprise-wide understanding of productivity from the unique person, customer, product, asset, to the whole enterprise.

Interrogate Big Data Visually

Extract productivity outliers from graphical patterns and trends, observe the causes and effects of variance over time and, ultimately, optimize leverage by iteration.

Eliminate Barriers to Better Decision Making

Increase productivity by eliminating the complexity, latency, irrelevancy, incompleteness, and inflexibility of information available to decision makers.

Discover a Better Way to Lean

Simplify the shift to an easier method of lean management. Salient’s solutions do not rely on inference from statistical sampling, but the intuition and special knowledge of field-level operators and managers.

“Do not limit the pace or direction of inquiry or the quality of the answer. Make it easy to do, and most of all, make it so fast and flexible that there is never a reason not to know.”

Ensuring Your Success

Salient’s business model is to succeed through your success. Our solutions work because over 30 years we’ve learned how to deliver specific intelligence to decision makers in time to win. We ensure our success by understanding your business strategy and its evolution, and how every role can use our software to progress continuously toward perfection.

Salient is used today by 115,000 users in 61 countries.

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