Coca-Cola Bottling Company United

Driving Business Performance with Salient’s Software Solution

“The field users that we see engaging with the solution regularly, consistently outperform their peers. They know more about their customers and the state of their business’ overall. And they are far more effective at what they do—in having that fact-based value added conversation with their customers.”

Beeland Nielsen
Director of Commercial Leadership

“The mobile app was a game changer for us. Our key account people rarely stay in the office, and so now through their tablets and smart phones they’re able to see what’s going on and then figure out how to sell something from the data.”

Ed Foree
Sales Reporting and Standards Manager

“It sets us apart from our competition and lets us create a partnership with our customers. Instead of ‘hey, I want to sell Coca-Colas, it’s – I want to grow your business and this is how I can do it. That’s something our competition is not doing.”

Bryan Robertson
Commercial Capabilities Manager

Bimbo Bakeries USA Identifies Opportunities

Bimbo uses Salient storyboards to drive business performance

Bimbo Bakeries USA managers identified up to six figures of potential savings in only 10 minutes of use.

Coke Germany Adds 40-50% to Bottom Line with Salient’s Solution

Coke Germany drives growth with Salient’s enterprise business intelligence

With Salient’s revenue management software, Coke Germany was able to add 40-50% to their bottom line.