Salient ETL™

Salient’s Data Mart and ETL 6.0 make database management workflows faster, easier and more efficient.

Salient ETL improves the overall flow of designing, mapping and automation of the data interface, as well as integration with the Salient Data Mart. All modification to the database can be done directly in Salient ETL, which also allows you to see the changes you’ve made to your data model before you apply them.

Salient ETL supports integration for a comprehensive perspective of multiple business processes (sales, inventory, marketing, financial and more) for a completely integrated enterprise management solution. Salient can connect to any data source—even concurrently to provide managers with a single source of comprehensive detailed intelligence.

Download the CIS Brochure

From Design to Automation in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Design based on business objectives
  2. Map source data to the logical design
  3. Automate updates of the data feeds

Download the CIS Brochure