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Visual Data Mining
A Merger of Mind and Machine

The base premise of Visual Data Mining is that your own eyes are better than computer algorithms at recognizing patterns and trends in graphical data. The Collaborative Intelligence Suite (CIS) puts one hundred percent of the information directly in front of your eyes—all of the people, places, relationships and transactions—and lets you “turn the rock” any way that comes to mind…all in real time. Which is to say that CIS is the system necessary to practice Continuous Improvement (CPI).

CIS visual data mining (VDM) tools couple computer power directly to human intuition, enabling users to recognize patterns and trends, isolate outliers, drill to root cause details and, finally, make the timely adjustment.

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Designed to work the way they think

  • Point-and-Click Simplicity – conduct your own queries
  • Instant Response – follow stream of thought to pursue intelligence
  • High Resolution – see exact history of individual people, places, and transactions
  • Used by all levels of management to support decision-making

DSD Promotions Trend

Multiple Analytical Chart Types

Over 30 pre-built visualizations with interactive root-cause visual data mining capabilities.

Delta Map Chart

Change Visualizations on the Fly

Any visual analysis can directly transition from one perspective to the next. The system automatically recognizes your selected date and context as you change from one analytical view to another.

Brand Mix Share Trend

Share the Whole Analysis with Storyboards

Storyboards provide a step-by-step walkthrough of analyses that guide users to the exact information needed to arrive at root cause.


Notify Your Users with Alerts

Custom reports can be delivered directly to your inbox to ensure you are always up to date on the information you need.

Email Alerts with Intelligence

Compare & Analyze Custom Groups

Use custom groupings of members (collections by title) across the full spectrum of analyses – comparisons, distributions, exceptions and trends.

Custom Dimension Groupings

Set Your own Criteria with Dynamic Collections

Filter dynamically based on selected criteria.

Dynamic Analytics Filtering

Crosstab New Visualizations

Crosstab stacked bar graphs shows each 1st By member as a bar, and then break down each bar by the 2nd By dimension.

Crosstab Analysis with Stacked Bar


  • Use highlighting to draw attention to changes in performance.
  • Save and reuse multiple sets of highlight settings
  • Global highlight settings are available to facilitate sharing of commonly-used selections
  • Bookmarks and macros store highlight settings
  • New highlighting styles are available. You can highlight the entire cell like in previous versions or display a variety of symbols beside the highlighted values. For example, you can use arrows, circles, triangles, and more.

Data Highlighting Decision Support Software

Graph on Actual Value Difference

Actual value graphs can show the difference between two time periods, when comparing attribute members. Also available in Comparative Time Series line and bar/line graphs to show which dates had the most significant changes since the previous time period.

Graphing on Actual Difference

See More at Once

View multiple levels of your path at the same time. Continue viewing multiple levels at once as you explore further in any direction.

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