Knowledge Manager™

Facilitate knowledge sharing across the enterprise.

The content management engine of the Collaborative Intelligence Suite (CIS), Knowledge Manager™, integrates contextual and multimedia information directly into Salient CIS Desktop and Dashboards UIs. This capability enables users to document, socialize and share intelligence across a broad constituency of analysts, managers, executives and trading partners.

Users can enter objectives and comments about any analysis bookmark or dashboard available to them. They can also shed more light on performance figures by adding unstructured data such as images, videos, PDF and Word docs, slide decks, field reports, etc. Knowledge Manager syncs these important insights with the quantifiable analysis – creating a more holistic view of intelligence.

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Take advantage of Knowledge Manager to post comments, documents, images and other relevant media to your dashboards or Salient Desktop bookmarks.

Use index and search features to quickly gain full context of the data.

Share your insights, learn from others

Your company can also capture information from its employees as well as partners, vendors, and customers outside of the organization.

Much like Collections, Knowledge Manager information is shared between Salient CIS Salient Dashboards and the Salient Desktop, which ensures consistency when going from one application to the next.

Download the CIS Brochure