Salient UXT® Data Mart

Salient’s technology accounts for the relationships between every person, place, thing, transaction and event down to the most granular level. The result is a perfect replica of your world and the complete history of every occurrence up to the moment it happens – all at your management’s fingertips.

The heart of the Salient Collaborative Intelligence Suite (CIS) is a unique in-memory analytical data mart that combines several advanced technologies to deliver the greatest scalability and, at the same time, the fastest query response in the industry: 3 seconds or less.

  • Massively parallel, in-memory processing – to hold all of the details and deliver instant answers to hundreds of on-line users, no matter how big the data
  • Advanced database compression—to handle large data volumes in less space
  • N-dimensional Grid Indexing—to store and access data with maximum efficiency

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Maintainability, Security and Governance
so that IT can sleep at night

The CIS analytical data mart enables IT to easily gather and integrate data from all sources into a coherent, highly secure and maintainable “single source of fact” for all users, irrespective of need, skill or device.

  • Server based integration and calculation eliminates “wild card” user mashups and proliferation of ungoverned information.
  • Easy ETL lets you attach to any source to build an exquisitely detailed analytical model of your marketplace.
  • Salient’s unique “associative” data architecture eliminates hundreds of consulting hours that would otherwise be spent on process analysis and creation of pre-set calculations and attribute hierarchies.