Allocations Advanced: Trade Spend Optimizer

See the true impact of trade spend programs and promotions at the most granular levels

Until now, measuring trade spend effectiveness has been a complex and time-consuming task because it requires the merger of both on- and off-ticket information from multiple sources, then figuring out how it all fits together. This is an enormous hassle of data gathering combined with hard-to-maintain spreadsheet work.

Then, still missing is the detail required to properly account and control spending at the individual brand and package level. Transaction processing systems will provide all the data about brand and package sales, but not trade spending. Furthermore, the general ledger will track spending per customer, but not by brand and package.

Now Salient Management Company’s Allocations Advanced shows the impact of each trade spend program at the individual customer and product levels, providing a comprehensive trade spend optimization.

Get answers to the most important questions

  • Where did the money go?
  • Who or what is responsible?
  • What did I achieve in return? 
  • How effective was this promotion?

How it works

Plan programs

Our solution is an optional add-on to the Salient Software suite, which includes a web application that communicates directly with Salient’s UXT Data Mart to build a complete picture of net value in a single source.

Allocations Advanced Web Application
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This web-based application enables authorized users to enter, track, edit, and delete trade spending programs and terms. You can manage the full scope of trade spend activities (customer support payments, bill backs, off-ticket, scan backs, couponing, promotions, supplier reimbursements, and more).

Do you have hundreds or thousands of programs that are being managed in spreadsheets? No problem, we can import them for you. They can be fully searchable and managed all in one place, and the true cost of your trade spend and customer profitability can be fully visible.

Allocate automatically

The Trade Spend Allocations Advanced application merges program details with invoice transaction details to compute true cost per sales unit (i.e., net invoice revenue minus unit trade spend support) and value added (change in gross profit trend versus non-program period(s)).


Named Allocations in Salient Desktop
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Persistent and granular visibility of value added by each trade spend event – from a single SKU at store level to customer, channel and marketwide – shows managers the precise information they need to refine trade spending and continuously improve toward maximum financial progress.