Eliminate barriers to continuous improvement

Salient’s technology delivers a precise accounting for dead net value of every person, customer, product and asset in your organization.

Drawing on large, complex data from multiple sources, this accounting exposes their relationships, making it possible to know how value is created, and where root causes lie.

This information is then made actionable, immediately, at the fingertips of your decision makers in an intuitive user interface that allows them to explore this data in the same way they think: by free association.

By investigating root causes of outliers and refining levers and processes, you create a feedback loop that eliminates barriers to continuous improvement.

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How It Works

Our deliverable is the Continuous Improvement Suite (CIS) which is a complete platform that includes measurement, content, and tools for a comprehensive practice of continuous improvement.

A super-scalable data mart captures and integrates disparate, siloed data from anywhere. It accounts precisely for the dead net value of every person, customer, product and asset.

Salient Data Mart


The content engine brings in content – from anywhere – and joins it with data at the record level.

Knowledge Manager

Salient HHS Analytics Software

Superior visual data mining software enables decision makers at all points to:

  • Drill through many layers of data down to the performance history of individual outliers
  • Integrate documents and content to gain a holistic understanding of root causes, the environment, and conditions prevailing

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Dashboards Mobile Desktop

This allows them to drive better results.

Decision makers can:

  • Take specific actions to remediate outliers
  • Take the best possible action for the specific situation
  • Optimize processes by iteration over time