Move From Ordinary to Profound

Retrieving data takes too long, so users do not wait for it. Data is too difficult to understand, so they abandon it. Data is incomplete, so they are misled by it.

By solving for the barriers of time, scale, and sparsity, Salient is radically transforming the way businesses use information and now there is never a reason not to know.

Don’t settle for ordinary.

Be profound.

Learn More About the Continuous Improvement Suite:

  • UXT – The continuous improvement engine. A super scalable data mart that fuels Salient technologies.
  • Interactive Miner – A desktop client that enables the most intensive interrogation and analysis of any piece of your data.
  • Dashboards – A simple dashboarding platform that provides actionable intelligence from anywhere you’re connected to the web.
  • Mobile – The power of Salient’s dashboards in your pocket, accessible at your fingertips.

Learn more about:

UXT Interactive Miner Dashboards Mobile