Succeeding in a Pay-for-Performance Healthcare Environment

The world of healthcare is moving increasingly toward pay-for-performance models, particularly for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and those treating populations with high Medicaid enrollment.

With more incentives being tied closely to an increasingly complicated matrix of performance standards, healthcare providers must equip themselves with the necessary tools to understand their data and truly manage their performance. Currently, CMS provides ACOs with a number of different types of data from which to derive quality and cost performance metrics. However, with some of this data being delivered only on an annual basis, ACOs need a more powerful tool to perform a deeper and more frequent analysis of performance data.

Without such a tool, an ACO may be fully compliant with CMS reporting requirements yet, due to the age and infrequency of performance measurement, perpetually be “chasing the needle” rather than proactively “moving the needle” in the right direction. Simply measuring is not enough.

A truly effective performance management system would bring together all available data on a patient population from disparate sources, synthesize it into a coherent picture of population health and service / cost quality, and make it available to stakeholders from executives to providers where and when they need it in time to affect outcomes.

In a recent article from Healthcare IT News, ACOs are urged to “dive deeper into analytics to determine the best program implementations for performance improvements.” Equally as important as the decision to implement a performance management solution is the decision of which system is right for your ACO.

Salient has provided groundbreaking performance management solutions for global businesses for 30 years. Now, this same unique data visualization technology is proving to be equally effective in the highly complex healthcare arena. Our solution makes it easy for the user to clearly understand the relationship between all of the relevant healthcare data – Diagnostic, Prescriptive, Claims, Payments, and the action taken by the patient – to provide the full spectrum of intelligence necessary to improve healthcare outcomes at lower costs.

Download our free white paper to learn more about Choosing the Right Performance Management System for your ACO.

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