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Overcoming Challenges with Growing Portfolios and Shrinking Margins

Business Challenges and Goals:

  • Improve visibility of pricing, promotion and sales strategies
  • Understand effectiveness of new product rollouts
  • Maintain market share growth and improve profitability
  • Capture loyalty and market share from rapidly-expanding wholesale-type retailers
  • Address the change in company culture forced by competitive pressures


  • Implemented Margin Minder®


  • Empowered the sales team with a strong business performance management solution
  • Applied data visibility, speed and granularity to enhance every selling situation
  • Adjusted pricing strategies which resulted in improved profitability by 10-15 cents per case
  • Increased sales volume with customers of all sizes
  • Rapid response capability changed from 2 weeks to next day

Download this free case study to learn more about how RC Beverage uses Salient to improve their decision making.

We believe that Margin Minder® contributes approximately 10-15 cents of profitability per case sold.

Nancy Hodge,
Royal Crown Bottling Corp.