Store Operations Management Solution

Salient’s Store Operations Management Solution helps determine the true performance of in-store operations at every level. By analyzing all data sources, including supplier information and point-of-sale data, Salient can help store managers gain the necessary visibility to maximize store profitability. 

Answer These Questions:

  • What is the average basket ring amount for each cashier?
  • What is the average number of customers per hour through each lane? 
  • How accurate are the cashiers? What is the void rate?
  • What percentage of our revenue are our damages, returns and markdowns?
  • What is our profit per square foot? 
  • What trends are developing in department traffic?

“We look at Margin Minder as ‘Night Vision’ for our company, we believe it’s a huge competitive advantage. We believe we can see things other grocers can’t see. Margin Minder is so fast and so easy to use that you aren’t afraid to go out at night; you’re not afraid to take a chance, because you know you’ll be able to see what the results of every decision are and make corrections on the fly.” 

Richie Morgan

Richie Morgan

President, CEO at North State Grocery