Revenue Management

Salient’s Revenue Management solution allows business users to understand sales performance across any customer or product grouping. Regardless of time frame, users can identify gains and losses, determine root causes of change, and compare performance against budgets and goals.

With Salient’s Revenue Management and Optimization Solution:

  • See how profits and growth are affected by discounting, deal duration, frequency, and product mix
  • Manage and Optimize Trade Promotions
  • Identify potential product and category cannibalization
  • Optimize assortments by region, chain, market type, or even individual location

Answer these Questions:

  • Trade Promotion Management /Trade Promotion Optimization
    Did that program work? Are we promoting too frequently? Pricing too low/high?
  • Trade Spend Allocations
    How are all marketing programs impacting bottom line? By brand? By channel? By customer?
  • SKU Rationalization
    Which products are losing traction? Quickly sunset tired products to make room for profitable ones.
  • Price Performance and Profitability
    Net Price Report Card – What are the price impact results?
  • Mix Optimization
    Are the highest volume and profit product assortments matched with the right channels, regions and chains?
  • Product Cannibalization
    How are new products impacting existing products?
  • Profit and Loss Analysis
    What is that customer or product worth? How is it impacting our bottom line?
  • Customer Management
    What is the Gain/Loss/Organic Growth by chain, format, or location?