Sustaining Operational Excellence

No matter the industry, every organization desires operational excellence. And yet despite the wide availability of proven methodologies and tools, establishing and sustaining continuous improvement remains elusive for many.

Salient’s approach helps clients not only achieve but sustain operational excellence, by providing the expertise, technology and business practices required to create a culture of continuous improvement into every value creating role at the enterprise. Beyond simple insight and sample reporting, beyond Operational Excellence as a special project, Salient helps you instantiate continuous improvement into the way you operate.

Common Barriers


  • Lack of clear alignment between corporate priorities and value creation functions throughout the enterprise
  • Lack of definition around value creation metrics
  • Lack of practice expertise required to have OpEx take root institutionally


  • Amount of data imposes constraints limiting insight to “sampling” reports
  • Too much information, too siloed throughout the organization
  • A proliferation of function-specific “home-grown” IT apps.
  • Lack of pertinent, actionable information delivered to the point of value creation
  • Technological misalignment across business areas
  • Inability to align management’s desire for metrics with information required to impact performance


  • Frontline management not informed or empowered to maximize value
  • Lack of connection between OpEx initiatives and “my performance” as value creator
  • OpEx remain initiatives disconnected from day to day value creation
  • Mentality of “good enough” creates an inertia within the culture that slows improvement

Salient’s enterprise performance management solutions go beyond short-term improvements and slightly better visibility for management. Our holistic approach addresses the core obstacles to sustainable continuous improvement, by helping take OpEx from a “special initiative” to the “way things are done”.

Continuous Improvement Embodied


Using our proven methodology, we work with each client to precisely define and measure the activities that impact their defined value objectives, and correlate them to the correct people, functions and levels within the organization.


Once organizationally aligned, our technology is deployed, providing cross-enterprise access to all the real-time, salient information that empowers managers and individual contributors alike to know where and how to improve performance decision by decision.


Lastly, our consultants work with you to implement Salient’s Practice Method™. Building on the technologically enabled alignment, we help you internalize the business practices that will ensure every part of your organization is empowered and incentivized to embody continuous improvement in its every day operations.

Driving Significant Business Impacts Around the Globe:

Coca Cola European Partners

“This year we are adding about 40-50% to our bottom line.”

Marcus Franke
Director of Business Transformation

NYS Department of Health

“In fiscal year of ’14–’15 alone, $16.4 Billion was saved.”

Jason Helgerson
Medicaid Director (2007–2018)