Maintenance, Repair & Operations

Salient’s MRO solution allows you to effectively manage the data collected and associated with MRO from every angle. Bring together all the data from the individual machines to the supply chain to fully understand business performance and asset management. 

Asset Management: 

  • Facilitate asset placements and assignments.
  • Match capacities to needs.
  • Integrate any measures such as efficiency and depreciation to see true cost and value of every asset.
  • Track asset locations through plants, repair shops, customer locations, etc.

Work Order Tracking: 

  • Score mechanics, technicians and other workers by their efficiency and performance.
  • Align compensation and incentive plans with productivity.
  • Create a safer work environment by correlating incidents with hours worked, job type, equipment, etc.
  • Identify outliers to reduce inefficient workers, procedures, vehicles and machines.

Service Trip Efficiency:

  • Instantly spot customers who don’t meet revenue-per-work order requirements.
  • Set fees and optimize routing efficiency to improve margins.