MRO & Capital Asset Management

Your customers demand immediate action, but your technicians have widely varying skill sets. Plus, there are ever-growing varieties of assets to maintain and parts to carry.

Salient provides the lean management toolset needed to control costs in a changing and competitive economy.

Work Order Tracking

  • Score mechanics, technicians and other workers by their efficiency and performance.
  • Align compensation and incentive plans with productivity.
  • Create a safer work environment by correlating incidents with hours worked, job type, equipment, etc.
  • Identify outliers to reduce inefficient workers, procedures, vehicles and machines.

Asset Management

  • Facilitate asset placements and assignments.
  • Match capacities to needs.
  • Integrate any measures such as efficiency and depreciation to see true cost and value of every asset.
  • Track asset locations through plants, repair shops, customer locations, etc.

Customer Service

  • Provide customer-facing employees with speed-of-thought access to customer histories and profiles.
  • Improve customer retention by tracking service levels.
  • Optimize resources to reduce wait time.

Supplier Management

  • Compare vendors by value and reliability.

Service Trip Efficiency

  • Instantly spot customers who don’t meet revenue-per-work order requirements.
  • Set fees and optimize routing efficiency to improve margins.