Inventory Management

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Odom Corp. Saves $4 Million in Six Months

Salient’s software solution for inventory management delivers new insight at every stage of product flow from supplier to consumer, allowing business users to efficiently perform inventory analysis in less time and more detail than with other software like Microsoft Excel.

It automatically computes ratios of inventory and supply chain constraints to volume and turn, helping improve restocking and reorder timing. Managers can more easily determine reasons for stocking errors and make necessary adjustments to achieve maximum supply chain efficiency, allowing for effective warehouse or retail space with Salient’s inventory management software solution.

Real time data on vendor pricing and variances, on-time performance and fill rates provide continuously up-to-date P&L and net productivity by SKU —information you can use to optimize vendor performance while optimizing and rationalizing SKUs.

Answer These Questions for Better Inventory Management

  • How often are we running out of stock on high impact products?
  • Do we need to adjust our ordering and or stocking assumptions?
  • Have the process changes implemented had an impact on the adjustment quantities and associated financials?
  • Is our warehouse inventory management efficient? Are we optimizing our SKU list?