Foodservice Analytics

As consolidation continues to make waves through the foodservice industry, remaining relevant is a major challenge for foodservice distributors. Determining profitability with previously negotiated contracts for common customers like government, schools and hospitals, can be difficult when dealing with variance in commodity prices like chicken and dairy. This creates immense complexity in analyzing true business performance. Additionally, with the importance of freshness and quality, it’s necessary that foodservice distributors have detailed food traceability and can easily manage a complex inventory of fresh products.

The Benefit of our Foodservice Analytics Solution

Salient’s foodservice analytics solution enables foodservice distributors to analyze their business performance with the most relevant, granular level detail necessary. Ensure your foodservice company gains the most compelling insights from the data you collect, leading to improved inventory management, route productivity, revenue management, and more.

Our sales have gone up and our gross profit has gone up.
The bottom line is that Salient makes us a better company.

CIO, HPC Foodservice