Financial Management

Whether your strategy is tied to revenue growth, margin performance, asset utilization, or responsiveness to customer requirements, Salient Management enables business users to follow their stream of thought to identify corrective actions across all organizational activity in time to take action. Now, everyone who needs to know can see instantly where and how activity affects profit and growth.

  • Comprehensive Monitoring & Audit – of productivity at all levels of the organization. Customized solutions provide a complete financial picture.
  • Off-Invoice Dollars – Spread off-invoice expenses or revenues to the appropriate customers or products for more precise tracking of profitability with the Salient allocation utility.
  • Accounts Receivable – Seamlessly integrate A/R information to show balances, invoice amounts, paid amounts, adjustments, outstanding balance vs. revenue or margin, contact information and more.
  • Exploded Cost Components – Precisely measure product cost, route profitability, distribution and more. See the cost of raw materials for any time frame.

Integrated Financials and Operations

lit_operations_financeThe Salient system pulls detailed transaction-level facts and connects them with additional conditional and constraints data to deliver actual measures of productivity by division, department, process, customer, channel or accountability center depending on your objectives.

Making a direct connection between financials and the operational business activities creates a link between activities and results. The fully loaded P & L helps managers go beyond the surface and into the details behind spending.

Download the Integrated Financials & Operations Brochure