Custom Solutions

Your World Reflected. Aligned. At Your Fingertips.

The Salient Platform

Purpose-built for Speed, Simplicity, and Specificity

The Salient Platform is uniquely capable of delivering high-speed answers at massive scale while retaining granular item-level detail.


Illuminating Value Streams

Our blueprint development starts with the Salient Alignment Track where we capture the critical roles and processes across your organization to carefully map out value streams and how they’re measured. The end result is a fact-based mirror of your operating environment.


Making it Actionable

Our team will create thoughtful, role-based presentations of information to the end-user, which embodies a focus on value, facilitates interpretation and exploration, and directs the user toward appropriate channels for further investigation into the root cause.

The Practice

Transforming Action

A strategy for informing users about how to use the solution to create value for their organization; encompassing the technical skills to navigate the software, the interpretational skills to derive information from data, and the practice of continuously engaging with the solution to improve on prior results.