Pricing, Promotions, Portfolio & Market Presence

Score the Market

Make the marketplace entirely transparent with Salient’s solutions for Consumer Packaged Goods manufacturers & wholesale distributors. Capture profit and growth from sales transactions and make their value instantly visible to every manager, every day.

Now, every manager can continuously separate profitable from unprofitable activity and direct time and resources to those customers, products and events that deliver the best returns.

Enable Continuous Improvement

Know how promotions, discounts, product mix and deals affect profit and growth. Optimize SKU mix and display inventory for maximum sell-down, minimum over-stocking and minimum category cannibalization.

Price for Optimal Performance

Salient’s solution helps you reduce the cost, and the risk, of ineffective pricing by helping your managers understand when a product is priced too low for profit, too high for volume or too frequently to keep the consumer’s interest for each customer.

Visualize phenomena such as lift, price elasticity, product cannibalization and consumer demand erosion; then drill down further to expose behaviors of outliers and anomalies. Salient’s user-friendly visual data mining tools let you quickly locate those short lists of problems and opportunities to act on immediately and monitor continuously.


Optimize Your Mix

Track the effects of new products on category performance and show how much a new product is worth. Easily see which products can or can’t support their carrying, distribution and marketing costs. Salient’s solution lets you see more quickly how all of your products are performing, so you can adjust product mix to increase volume, avoid cannibalism and improve profitability. Within a few clicks, you can view actual transaction data from multiple distributors or categories to spot outliers, and drill down for deeper insight into problems or opportunities.

  • Customize your product mix for each unique customer segment
  • Track the effects of new products on vendor and category performance
  • Discover which products help or hurt the over-all mix, and how
  • Reveal over- and under-performing product and customer groups, and ask “why”
  • Track the price/volume curve to find under-priced accounts
  • Identify products for possible deletion
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Measure Market Penetration

With consumers so resistant to change, less than 3% of new product launches succeed. Salient’s solution provides the insight into market penetration that helps you manage the product life cycle and make the decisions and corrections either to move your product launches into the success column, or remove a product from your line-up.

  • Inspect new product penetration and trial by territory, channel and store
  • Discover which customers are consistently buying your product, not buying it regularly or haven’t tried it at all
  • Trend customer purchases — and compare buyers and non-buyers — over time
  • Identify which SKUs are traited but not actively being purchased, and by which stores.
  • Chart Future Valid Items by SKU to identify new placement opportunities early

Integrate Third Party Data

Easy Integration of Third-Party Data

The most complete picture of product performance comes from combining current transaction, inventory and invoice data with third-party data sources and services. With simple connections to sources such as D&B, Nielsen/IRI, Census, weather and more, Salient makes integration of third-party data as easy as add and go.


US CensusMargin Minder easily integrates with census and demographic data that can provide new perspective and clarity for driving improvements in your markets. If you don’t have the data, that’s no problem. Salient offers a subscription service that maps your ZIP Codes to relevant census and demographic facts.

Retail Link

retail-link-logoMaster your Wal-Mart relationship with Salient for Retail Link. Our experts can cross-reference Retail-Link feeds to your in-house systems and provide the Margin Minder Dashboards and Desktop Analytics, empowering your managers get instant answers to any business question and drill down for actionable intelligence.

Syndicated Data

Third-party syndicated data can be combined with sales for competitive analysis, to evaluate optimal product mix and to support fact-based recommendations to suppliers.


NOAA Weather LogoIs there a connection between weather and sales? Let’s find out. Salient’s Weather Module gathers daily weather updates from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), letting you connect unstructured precipitation, snowfall, temperature or storm information directly to your revenue. Simply point and click to gain clear insight into how weather affects your bottom line.

nielsen-iri-logoBy tracking short-duration retailer merchandising and promotion activities — including displays, ads, coupons and price reductions — Nielsen/IRI provides valuable insight in customer behavior to help you make more informed trade promotion decisions.