Category Management Solution

Salient’s category management solution correlates all relevant information your company gathers, such as invoices, POS data, cost of goods, vendor rebates, plan-o-gram, and merchandising information. When combined with syndicated sources to unlock consumer insights, such as Nielsen or IRI, businesses create a comprehensive measurement of performance. This allows category managers and analysts to evaluate sales volume and profitability within their brands and categories, and improve effectiveness of retail space allotted for each store location.

Instantly See the Impacts on Category Performance 

Your category managers will see the impacts of their decisions on pricing, promotions, product assortments, purchasing, placement and spacing and get the complete picture of growth, spending and profit (including marketing trade spend) for any time frame by chain, individual store location, category, brand, individual SKU or unit of facing or floor space.

Understand How all Factors are Affecting Category Growth: 

  • Visualize demand and elasticity
  • See how profits and growth are affected by discounting, deal duration, frequency, and product mix
  • Identify potential product and category cannibalization
  • Optimize assortments by region, chain, market type, or even individual location

“We look at Margin Minder as ‘Night Vision’ for our company, we believe it’s a huge competitive advantage. We believe we can see things other grocers can’t see. Margin Minder is so fast and so easy to use that you aren’t afraid to go out at night; you’re not afraid to take a chance, because you know you’ll be able to see what the results of every decision are and make corrections on the fly.” 

Richie Morgan

Richie Morgan

President, CEO at North State Grocery