User Communities

Knowledge Sharing Forums

We recognize the value of the individual user to apply creativity and intelligence to the Salient solution and create innovative ways of solving problems. Bringing these individuals together can have powerful effects.

Salient works with you to create user groups within and across your organization to foster collaboration and help maximize your investment in a Salient solution. These groups also provide us with a means of communicating timely and relevant information, such as upcoming training webinars, software upgrades, and troubleshooting tips.

Salient’s Commitment to Your Long-Term Success

Salient offers a full range of continued education services to our user community that provide the technical and role-specific skills needed to convey greater value to your organization. And because we offer a variety of on-demand materials, your users can explore Salient’s extensive capabilities and learn new skills right from their desks. Your users will be able to:

  • Download interactive Salient tutorials
  • View copies of step-by-step guides and training manuals for specific skills
  • Use role- and skill-specific exercises and solutions to problem solve
  • View pre-recorded webinar training sessions
  • Have direct access to Salient trainers through chat and email

For even more comprehensive learning, or to introduce a new capability to a group of users, contact Salient about our customized onsite and online classes.