210: Advanced Geo-Spatial Analysis

Create your own tailored map server with just the layers you need and custom borders and lines for franchise areas of responsibility, routes and geographic area of coverage.


Completion of Geo-Spatial Analysis 110 course

This course is for more technical individuals who need to learn about the logistics of setting up and administering a Geo server


How to customize maps, import layers, import ESRI (.map & .shp files). Querying within Geo, plotting more than one type of entity at a time.

Common Business Pre-Sets covered Corresponding Salient Analysis

Geo Layer Management

Geo-Spatial Analysis Setup/p>

Geo Demographic Integration Geo-Spatial Analysis Setup
Listing Geo Outliers, the narrowing down process Lists, List Setups
Transitioning from the Geo to other logical pre-sets such as Trend views Transitioning from Geo to List to other logical analysis such as the normal Trend

Capabilities Learned:

  • How to create layer definitions and preference and share those internally with your organization

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

  • Integrating layer files such as lines to represent franchise borders
  • Integrating government census, Spectra or similar 3rd party demographics
  • Geo-code maintenance requirements; identifying bad geo-codes

Proficiency Testing:

  • Geo-code maintenance requirements; identifying bad geo-codes
  • How to identify customers or other geo-coded entities that are not coded correctly and not represented in maps

Duration: 2-4 hours