202: Storyboard Development

Your team can learn how to create a new type of Bookmark that guides business users through a “story” based on the business purpose of that Bookmark. This capability can be described as “guided analysis.” The storyboards still provide business users with the choice of what to “double-click” and drill-down on; however, they will no longer need to know how to change and setup each analysis in order to step through a somewhat sophisticated series of steps to support common business scenarios.


Completion of Courses 101 & 102 plus 201 is recommended


Learn to create “workflows” in a series of steps; providing end-users with freedom to make selections based on their soft-knowledge while simplifying transitions based on the intended business case.

Capabilities Learned:

  • How to create each step of a storyboard, document the intended purpose of each step and provide a simple “guided” experience through multiple analysis to solve common business objectives.

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

  • Drilling down from summary comparisons such as YTD vs YAG into trend visualizations and then into “short lists” of actionable detail.
  • Walk-through common performance reviews such as sales by Brand by Channel in a crosstab, directly transition to a comparison for one of those underperforming segments to identify Customer and product level details, then finish in a Customer Trend with pre-selected metrics.

Proficiency Testing:

  • Create 3 practical examples based on your role using storyboards only

Duration: 2 hours