120: SIM for Basic Business Users

Leverage Salient to open any shared bookmarks and then drill deeper behind the numbers into actionable intelligence / root causes.


Learn how to fully exploit the Bookmarks built and shared by each department.


Standardized Role-Based Bookmarks must already be developed. Training will focus on how to modify the date, segment in focus, metric chosen, how to drill down – all basics.

Capabilities Learned:

This course follows our current Quick Start Guide for SIM 5.x very closely.

  • Pick different metrics
  • Knowledge-Manager
  • Interpret a Bookmark
  • Change Time Frames
  • Save with Automation / Bookmark
  • Add Filters
  • Change Segmentation
  • Perform Variance Math

Examples Discussed:

Pick any metric for any segment and tailor your perspective starting with any bookmark in the solution.

Proficiency Testing:

  • Ability to interpret current Global bookmarks pertaining to individual area of oversight
  • Ability to create your own bookmark based on an existing bookmark that is similar in content and style to situation at-hand