108: Range Analysis

Learn how to group numbers for any one metric (such as vol sold) within ranges of any other metric (such as price) and list the items that sold on invoice within each range, compare to group.


Learn how to create and utilize the Range analysis, focusing initially on a common application of this type of visualization: classic price-point range analysis for one item or a group of items (customers or products).

Common Business Pre-Sets covered Corresponding Salient Analysis

Price Range Analysis for 1 SKUin any specific customer segment

Range Analysis 1 Member bar chart

Price Range Analysis for a Category Range Analysis for a category – bar chart plus grid view
Customer ABC Classification Range Analysis for a category; changing the “membership” from product to customer

Capabilities Learned:

  • Defining ranges of metrics vs any other metric (to be elaborated upon)

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

Price Point Range Analysis

Proficiency Testing:

  • Create 2 practical examples based on your role using the “pre-sets”
  • Be tested on ability to recognize which analysis to use depending on the desired pre-set
  • Be tested on the ability to drill-down, modify and interrogate the analysis

Duration: 2 hours