107: User-Defined Exceptions

Define criteria to identify exceptions based on any integrated metrics to support common business scenarios: Product Lifecycle/Obsolescence, Penetration & Ret-Trial, Slow Movers, short list of underperformers, non-buyers, out-of-stocks (greater than or equal to 1,000 in gross margin in past 90 days…).


Learn how to set your own performance criteria (above, below, in a range based on any metric) and be able to automatically save the list of results (over time “trending,” or based on a period).

Common Business Pre-Sets covered Corresponding Salient Analysis

% Distribution by Brand, Channel, Rep..

Exception Dim Members Grid with sub-grouping

Distribution Gap Analysis Exception Dimension Members Visual with pass/fail listing
Automated Exceptions e.g. List of Non-Buyers only Exception Dim Members-Save the bookmark after listing of the members that pass or fail the criteria for an automated list of the exceptions.
New Product Intro / Penetration over Time Exception Time Series

Capabilities Learned:

  • Learn how to set criteria for pass/fail tests for user-defined exception testing
  • Automate exception tests to create “short-lists” of over or under-performers

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

Learn how to leverage “Exception Time Series” to identify the product penetration within a market segment over time and if the visualization indicates lifecycle strength, phase-out or the need for more promotional advertising / sales execution

Proficiency Testing:

  • Create 3 practical examples based on your role using the “pre-sets”
  • Be tested on ability to recognize which analysis to use depending on the desired type of business review
  • Be tested on the ability to modify exception criteria and list out the pass or fail list and save results as static or dynamic.

Duration: 2–4 hours