106: Scattergram Analysis

Identify outliers across any two metrics within any segment then drill-down into the results. Identify pricing outliers within market price groups; identify over or under-performers based on volume compared to margin.


Learn how to identify outliers across any two metrics within any segment of the business utilizing the Scattergram and Bubble-Chart pre-sets.

Common Business Pre-Sets covered Corresponding Salient Analysis

Determine outliers at a summary business segment level

Bubble Chart

Determine outliers at the lowest level of detail only (SKU, Customer..) Scattergram
Learn to “color and shape” by a secondary measure or segment to group the points on the scatter for added intelligence Scattergram

Capabilities Learned:

  • Differentiate between a scattergram at a summary membership level and the ultimate level of detail (SKU, Customer) utilizing the scattergram or a bubble chart pre-set
  • Create a Scattergram to identify outliers and drill down into the resulting short-list
  • Manipulate Scattergram to reflect outliers for different key members within a single dimension member
  • Rubber-banding: ability to select key members and learn more about them
  • Scattergram highlighting to spot key members with values above or below customized thresholds

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

Price vs Volume outliers by price group; Revenue vs Margin Drivers by Customer or Product Group…

Proficiency Testing:

  • Create a practical custom example based on your role using each of the “pre-sets”
  • Be tested on the ability to drill-down, modify and interrogate the scattergram analysis

Duration: 2 hours