104: Profit and Loss Analysis

Create various P & L style layouts based on a specific piece of the business or across multiple entities and multiple time periods, within any segment then drill down from summary to detail.


Learn how to create and utilize each type of Profit & Loss (P&L) pre-set.

Common Business Pre-Sets covered Corresponding Salient Analysis

Traditional P & L, for any one part of the business at a time

Profit and Loss Analysis Monthly or Weekly or MTD, YTD, both

Consolidated P & L across multiple parts of the business Comparative Analysis“Swapped” to show each div, category
Rolling 12 Month / P & L over time Normal Trend “Swapped”, single time frame
Rolling 12 Month P & L vs YAG or prior Comparative Time Series “Swapped” with variance vs YAG
P & L, for combinations of time periodsacross multiple parts of the business Multi-Comparative Custom combinations of time periods

Capabilities Learned:

How to use all the system basics:

  • How to drill-down from a P & L starting point to the underlying segments
  • Sub-grouping measures, exploding components of certain calculations
  • How to compare P & L numbers to target, budget or forecast
  • Selecting varied P & L perspectives for more powerful performance metrics that compare vs forecast or vs YAG, support sub-grouping and offer new ways to consolidate financials.

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

Matching the target P & L visualization (business need) to the proper pre-set analysis type to produce the desired results

Proficiency Testing: (performed at the end in the form of a re-cap / practice)

  • Create 3 practical examples based on your role using the “pre-sets”
  • Be tested on ability to recognize which analysis to use depending on the desired pre-set
  • Be tested on the ability to drill-down, modify and interrogate the analysis

Duration: 4 hours