103: Cross-Tab Analysis

Identify gains or losses (Diff & % Change) at the intersection of any two related business segments such as brand sales within each channel or sales of each product within each region.


Learn how to create a matrix of any two business segments. Indicate the performance within any business segment sub-grouped by any other business segment.

Common Business Pre-Sets covered Corresponding Salient Analysis
Cross-Tab 1 Metric Crosstab
Cross-Tab with 2 Related Metrics (vol & margin) Crosstab – one time period supporting two metrics
Cross-Tab with Variance (Diff & %Chg) vs YAG, 1 metric Crosstab with two time periods
Delta-Map Crosstab, Delta-Map Chart Type

Capabilities Learned:

  • Choosing the right time-settings to access the proper options from the analysis to switch between Diff & % Change, or two metrics and how to access the Delta-Map by comparing two time periods.
  • Choosing two segments with a relationship where every “sales rep” for example, sells every “brand” to avoid illogical screens full of “zeros”

Example discussed: (tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

Identify the gain or loss (Diff & % Change) for each brand within each channel all in one consolidated view. Now identify if that was a gain or loss YTD compared to YAG.

Proficiency Testing:

  • Create a practical example based on your role using each of the “pre-sets”
  • Be tested on ability to recognize which analysis to use depending on the desired pre-set
  • Be tested on the ability to drill-down, modify and setup the crosstab.

Estimated Duration: 2 – 4 Hours