101: Bookmark Building 101—Segmentation and Measurement Basics

Intro to Bookmark building. Identify the gain or loss within any business segment, based on any metric. Learn how to then drill-down and identify actionable details.


Start with a familiar, common subject (MTD & YTD comparisons) to gain confidence with the basic principles of using Salient Interactive Miner.

Common Business Pre-Sets covered

Corresponding Salient Analysis

MTD or YTD vs YAG Comparative
MTD & YTD vs YAG – 1 metric Multi-2
MTD & YTD vs YAG – multiple metrics Multi-Comparative
Similar variations (90 over 90) Multi-Comparative

Capabilities Learned:

How to use all the system basics:

  • Navigating business segments / sub-grouping
  • Date selection
  • Drill-down filtering
  • Bookmarks automation
  • Modifiers
  • Dynamic & check-box filtering
  • Variance math (Diff, %Chg, Mix)
  • Creating and Saving custom groups of items (collections)
  • Knowledge-Manager (K-Man) Bookmark Info documenting

Examples Discussed:(tailored & pre-built based on custom topics)

Are we down (diff vs YAG) on volume but up in margin? Are we down MTD but up overall YTD? How to utilize a consolidated drill-down perspective to make the best decisions based on results.

Proficiency Testing: (performed at the end in the form of a re-cap / practice)

  • Create a practical custom example based on your role using each pre-set
  • Be tested on ability to recognize which analysis to use depending on the desired pre-set
  • Be tested on the ability to modify filters and drill-down

Duration: 4–6 hours