100: Bookmark / Dashboard Development & Shadowing

Explain your business objectives or decision support requirements to a Salient expert and have them create the best Bookmark or Dashboard to address those needs; shadow the entire process for a great learning experience. Salient commits to the delivery of a minimum of 10 documented bookmarks or dashboards with practical business-cases as a result of this session.


Ensure you are getting the most out of your Salient solution and that current needs are being addressed. Learn more about how you could leverage the Salient application with a great shadowing experience.


  • Receive value-added recommendations from Salient based on your needs and the relevant actions you can take based on your role (discounting, merchandising, product emphasis, customer or product gap identification…)
  • Shadow the entire experience on the web or in-person to learn from an expert
  • Leverage the years of experience Salient has in your industry and our strong foundation around measuring productivity
  • Get 10 custom Bookmarks or Dashboards delivered by an expert

Tailor the Session

  • Have you recently upgraded to version 5.x and you would like Salient to make recommendations on how to improve your Bookmarks based on the latest capabilities?
  • Have you considered a “Bookmark Consolidation” project to standardize and internally publicize a global set of Bookmarks that scores the contributions of each area and supports “one version of the truth”?
  • Are you short staff and don’t have an analyst or would like a 3rd party unbiased perspective on a topic; have Salient research and provide lasting feedback in the form of Bookmarks that address the business question as best as possible using the related integrated into your system?


Bookmarks may be in the form of a story-board if they best meet the need of the business request. Client may choose for the deliverable to be either a bookmark or a dashboard or a combination of both; however, clients must be licensed separately for the solution.

Duration: 8 hours